1. I love dogs. All animals, really, I am one of those animal people. I'd have a whole menagerie if I could but I start with dogs - I'll cuddle any dog but gundogs are my favourites. Maybe I'm biased? I have two working Labradors but I'm sure I've already mentioned that many times. I love horses too, one day I'd like to have a few retired racehorses. And a couple of cats, for those little sounds and tiny paws.

2. "And so it had been until it all fell apart”. That's Dick Franics, in Under Orders. One of my favorite quotes. 

2. I read a lot - books mostly. Nothing fancy, my taste in books is probably not the best but honestly I hate those more emotional books. It’s trendy nowadays to read morally uplifting prose about the liberation of women but hell I refuse to believe that anyone actually reads those damn things from cover to cover. I just like action... real action. You know, like crime, foiling terror plots, murder, military type adventure. Not cool, but it's me.

3. I don't really like magazines except Kinfolk. It gets a lot of pushback for being overly curated but hey, what isn't these days? It's thoughtful and aesthetically really well made.

5. See point 2 above, but my favorite authors are probably Dick Francis and Lee Child. With a bit of Clive Cussler and Alistair Maclean.

6. I drive a black Mini Cooper, I chose it new. I love it so much, I'm one of those annoying people who won't let anyone touch my car. Honestly learning to drive was probably the best thing that ever happened to me. 

7. I love sneakers, I really do. I have books about them, know the 'drop' dates of new styles, things like that. I don't have that many pairs but I count myself as a sneaker head.

8. Hip hop, rap, r&b, whatever you want to call it, I'm a fan. I'll talk about that here somewhere. But there's a song by the rapper Lil Uzi Vert called XO TOUR Llif3. Make what you want of it musically but the girl in the rap keeps telling him she's "not afraid to die". Says she's ok going over the edge, repeatedly. Then half way through the song she turns around and says to him, "I cannot die because it's my universe". I'm waiting for that moment. For when you realise it's all worth it, you know? I can't seem to find it right now. When things get dark, like, really dark, I just keep saying to myself to wait for that turnaround. That it'll be worth it at some point. I can't figure out the endgame. Maybe I will, maybe I won't, but I sort of go on hoping I will. I cannot die because this is my universe. If I sound clinical, I'm not. I try not to, well, dark talk here, but sometimes I do [insert other post].

9. I am of the Tumblr generation. I had a blog before it was that common. I had 4k+ followers and loads of friends on the site, I kept in touch with some of them for ages, through high school. Then we all quit Tumblr and went to university and things changed, but I think it's still sort of part of me somehow. My teenage years were that sort of drab, soulless blue, before Twitter came in and went all bright. High school was cut throat and all that but it was fun. I think I preferred it to university, oddly enough. I mean I like that I don't have 8-6 days anymore but learning about everything from glaciation to child language acquisition was kind of fun. 

11. My favorite season is winter. Gray skies, darkness, bulky coats, wooly sweaters, watery sunshine, skeletal trees. Anonymity. Then fall. Muted earth tones, longer nights, darker skies, wind, change, movement, moody shadows. They're nice seasons, good for creativity and quiet reflection.