Food and stories seem to intertwine. Fragrant peaches, summer's dust and heatwaves. Skeletal trees of winter, ashen clouds brightened by citrus. They go together like chocolate and cardamom or strawberries and rhubarb. And I guess that's what I do here, share recipes and the thoughts they narrate.  I seem to choose simple, natural food - ingredients that are down to earth, and close to it.

Right now my world seems to be… studying. Soon they let me out into real life.
I like to travel, to be in new places, anonymous and wandering. With people you’ll never see again and places which fade into rosy memories that will surprise you, now and then. 
Melancholy, gray skies, heavy shadows. Drizzle and dark sweaters. The moon and the sea. And hip-hop.

The name Nutmeg and Pear is to honor my two ex-working Labradors, Prune and Suzi. Elegant, bold Prune, like nutmeg; and sweet, mild Suzi, like pear. Those two take up most of my heart and are the best part of me.

- Maya xx

I swam under water as if I really did not want to return to the surface, as if I wanted to stay below with the fish –Anaïs Nin

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If you would like to contact me, just to say hi, or for anything else, I'd love to hear from you. Thanks for just reading along. It means something to me ❤️